In conjunction with the International Women’s Day celebration held at the Mahawilachchiya Education Centre, the Tech Kids program was started by SLASSCOM in collaboration with the Mahawilachchiya Education Centre. Mr. Asif Ali, the president of SLASSCOM was also present during the occasion. The opening ceremony was conducted by Mrs. Chami and Mr. Abdul, who came to Mahawilachchiya representing SLASSCOM.

As a result of a discussion held with the president of SLASSCOM and the founder of our Mahawilachchiya Education Centre, Mrs. Loveena Charles, the Education Centre was selected to introduce the Tech Kids project to Mahawilachchiya and the surrounding villages. Based on the infrastructure facilities, computer labs and the interest of our staff as well as the interest shown by the children in this project, SLASSCOM has selected the Mahawilachchiya Education Centre. For that, Mr. Asif Ali personally came to Mahawilachchiya and conducted investigations.

Based on the knowledge that can be provided without boundaries for the children who are stepping into the world of technology, our institution has been able to introduce a knowledge transfer program that ranges from computer software creation to artificial intelligence. SLASSCOM helps to set up and run this code club. They are providing the curriculum, trainers, learning management platform for follow-ups, and recognition for kids who successfully complete the program. We are confident that this is a golden opportunity for participants of this program.