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The founder of the Mahawilachchiya Education Centre, Mrs. Lovina Charles, was educated at the Holy Family Convent, Colombo 04, Sri -Lanka. Having resided in the UK since 1965, she returned to Sri Lanka when her husband Mr. Cuthbert Charles retired there in 2008. On their return, they felt a strong need to make a positive contribution to uplift the lives of the underprivileged in the local communities. 

Mrs. Charles believes that education is a fundamental right that should be equally accessible to all. This inspired her to share the privilege of receiving a sound education with children who, in their place of residence, were deprived not only of the opportunity to receive a basic education, but also of even a schoolroom to receive it. She felt that the most conducive way forward was to start a charity to provide education for such children. This resulted in the Mahawilachchiya Education Centre being launched in 2004. Since then, Mrs. Charles has enthusiastically spearheaded many projects and activities for village children and youth. 

Additionally she secured sponsors for community activities and social welfare missions conducted by the Foundation. The passion, drive and dedication of Mrs. Charles to empower the community and to provide ways and means for the education of underprivileged children, have been a driving force behind the successful work completed by the Charles Education Centre


You can support us in this charitable and rewarding venture, which was initially started by Mrs Lovina Charles in 2004. The purpose of Mahawilachchiya Education Center is to empower children and the youth through education and vocational training. Your contribution will aid in empowering a young generation of Sri Lankans who can give their knowledge and experience to develop the village more effectively than leaving the village.

Donations or Volunteer Inquiries

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