About Us

In 2004 Ms. Marissa Charles became the first UK volunteer to teach at a small education centre in the rural village Mahawilachchiya which is 40 kms from the sacred city of Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka.

At this time the facilities for teaching were almost non-existent. Classes were conducted in the shade of trees or in huts. During her voluntary service spanning 3 months, Marissa asked her parents to help improve facilities for the children’s education in Mahawilachchiya village. Mrs Lovina Charles, Marissa Charles’s mother, became involved and the Mahawilachchiya Education Center for Children was formed.

In 2005, Mrs. Lovina Charles was able to locate a site for the Centre and with the permission of the AGA (Assistant Government Agent), a brand new two storey building was constructed for children in Mahawilachchiya.

In 2009, the education centre’s administration was reorganised to improve it, and a constitution was set up in the name of Mahawilachchiya Education Centre. The education centre became funded by The Charles Education Centre, which is a registered charity in the UK, founded by Mrs Lovina Charles.

Since then, the necessary infrastructure has been improved for the needs of the children in the village. At present, a fully facilitated pre-school section and classroom section, a theatre hall, a separate building for BPO, an information technology classroom, and a vocational training section in another building have been built here. The financial contribution for all these has been provided by the Charles Education Centre and all these development and construction activities took place under the direct supervision of Mrs. Lovina Charles.

Now The Mahawilachchiya Education Centre is administered and managed by the Mahawilachchiya Education Centre for Children Guarantee Limited. It has appointed a Director Board of professionals who are willing to help these children for a long time.

Currently, the Mahawilachchiya Education centre conducts education, vocational training & sport activities for children aged 4 till adults. It has a Montessori school, Education Support Classes (Grade 1-13), English & IT Training, Vocational Training & a Sports Centre.

All teachers and staff members are paid by Mahawilachchiya Education Centre for Children Guarantee Limited.


You can support us in this charitable and rewarding venture, which was initially started by Mrs Lovina Charles in 2004. The purpose of Mahawilachchiya Education Center is to empower children and the youth through education and vocational training. Your contribution will aid in empowering a young generation of Sri Lankans who can give their knowledge and experience to develop the village more effectively than leaving the village.

Donations or Volunteer Inquiries

Call/WhatsApp +94 77 740 2229 (Sri Lanka) or +44 75 1060 1981 (United Kingdom)
Email: info@meduc.org