Education is a right, not a privilege

With the conviction of the truth of the above-mentioned statement, the Mahawilachchiya Education Centre has been committed to empowering children’s education in rural Sri Lankan villages since 2004. What started as an outdoor classroom with only a tree for shade, is now an established education support centre providing primary, secondary & vocational education facilities to from kindergarteners to youths.


  • Celebrating Vesak with the preschool children

    Celebrating Vesak with the preschool children

    On the occasion of the Vesak festival in celebration of Sambudu Themagula, the children, parents and teachers of the Ranmuthu Preschool of Mahawilachchiya Education Center decorated the pre-school by creating…

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  • Parental contribution in cleaning the premises

    Parental contribution in cleaning the premises

    The cleaning of the Mahawilachchiya Education Centre premises is always thought of with the help of the parents. The parents of all the children studying at the Mahawilachchiya Education Center…

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  • Techkids facilitators start training at MWEC

    Techkids facilitators start training at MWEC

    The Mahawilachchiya Education Centre collaborated with SLASSCOM to start the Techkids training programme for village kids surrounding the Mahawilachchiya area. SLASSCOM stands for Sri Lanka Association of Software Services Companies.…

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Mahawilachchiya Education Centre (MWEC) presently conducts education, vocational training & sport activities for children aged 4 till adults. It has a Montessori school, Education Support Classes (Grade 1-13), English & IT Training, Vocational Training & a Sports Centre. It is managed by Mahawilachchiya Education Centre (Guarantee) Limited and funded by the Charles Education Centre (CEC), a registered charity in the UK.


Founded in 2006, the Montessori school currently consists of 4 teachers who are teaching nearly 40+ children.


The education support class is held in parallel with the school curriculum under the guidance of an experienced panel of subject teachers.


The IT/English Lab, which started as a pioneer project to bring IT & English to the village, has produced many professionals in the field.


Sewing classes and other vocational trainings have created employment opportunities for the village.


Arrangements have been made to provide sports equipment and infrastructure for improving the sports skills of the village children.


You can support us in this charitable and rewarding venture, which was initially started by Mrs Lovina Charles in 2004. The purpose of Mahawilachchiya Education Center is to empower children and the youth through education and vocational training. Your contribution will aid in empowering a young generation of Sri Lankans who can give their knowledge and experience to develop the village more effectively than leaving the village.

Donations or Volunteer Inquiries

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